Q. Do you offer same day service?
A. Yes, we offer same day repair and replacement services as long as necessary parts are available.

Q. Do you offer any kind of warranty?
A. Yes, ALL of our products and service are covered by a lifetime guarantee against leaks or defects.

Q. Can you come to me?
A. Yes, we'll come to your home or work (weather permitting) to repair or replace your auto glass at no extra charge.

Q. Will there be tape on my glass?
A. Maybe, it depends on the type of glass you've had replaced, the bonding kit used and the weather that day as it effects the chemical bonding procedure. Your technician will give you instructions on the aftercare needed for your replacement or repair.

Q. Can I wash my car after my replacement?
A. No, you must wait 7 FULL DAYS before washing your vehicle or you risk damaging the chemical retention system aka urethane system used to install your glass with a water proof, air proof, rust proof seal.. Rain is fine, but soaps and high pressure can ruin the integrity of the chemical retention system during the bonding stage which takes 7 days to reach maximum peak.

Q. Is it cheaper for me to get the glass?
A. No, in most cases due to the sheer volume that we purchase, you'll not be able to find better pricing even on used glass.

Q. Can you calibrate my cars safety sensors?
A. Yes, we offer Dynamic and Static, as well as Dual ADAS Calibration on ALL VEHICLES.

Q. Can I use my insurance?
A. Yes, we accept all forms of insurance payments. If you have comprehensive coverage you will only be responsible for your deductible, the insurance company is responsible for the rest.

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